iDive Score
The Dive Scoring App


How Do I Input Information Into iDive Score?

The app will guide you by showing the page where information needs to be added.  Just follow the screen flow, tap on the buttons with arrows pointing to the right and input the requested information.  After inputting all requested information, you are ready to score.

How Many Divers Can I Follow?

As many as you want to add information.

If I Forget to Add a Dive Can I Add It Later?

Yes.  iDive Score allows you to add a dive to a diver's list at any time.  The app is most useful when all diver information is added before the event.  If the diver changes a dive, you can add that dive prior to scoring by going to the "Meets" section and selecting the dive for the appropriate event and dive apparatus.

I Don't Know Any Dive Numbers.  How Can I Find a Dive to Add?

All dives listed on iDive Score contain the dive number and the dive description.  You can search for a dive by scrolling through a list of all dives or you can use the search field to search for a dive by number or by description.  Once you select a dive apparatus, the app selects the correct series of dives and only those dives appear.

Once I Have Inputted All Information How Do I Score A Diver?

iDive Score has two sections, "Meets" and "Scores".  All diver and event information goes into the Meets section and all scoring takes place in the Scores section.  After inputting all information requested, select the Scores button on the bottom of the app and follow the flow until you get to the diver you want to score.  Select the dive you want to score and a scoring table will appear.  Input the judges scores, tap the screen to hide the keyboard and select, "Calculate Score."  The app does the rest.

Do I Need to Know a Dive's Degree of Difficulty?

No, iDive Score contains the appropriate degree of difficulty for the dive selected.  All you need to worry about is inputting the judges scores into the app.  The app will calculate the proper total score. 

I'm New To The Sport And Have Never Scored a Dive Event Before.  Is There a Detailed Description of How iDive Score Works?

Yes.  iDive Score is perfect for rookies or veterans.  iDive Score contains an information page that appears when you select the "i" button on the initial page of the app.  You can also view the Description page on this website to get an overview of how the app works along with screen shots.  A detailed description of how to use iDive Score can be found in the User Guide provided below.  

The User Guide is a pdf document and will open in a new window when selected.

iDive Score User Guide

iDive Score User Guide--Android Version
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