iDive Score
The Dive Scoring App


iDive Score is designed to make manually scoring a diver easy--after inputting meet and diver information all you do is input the judges scores and the app does the rest.  Two sections, Meets and Scores, keep you organized.  In the Meets section, input information regarding the meet, the diver, the dive apparatus, and the the dives.  In the Scores section, input the judges' scores for each dive and follow the diver's progress.  At the end of the competition, e-mail the diver his or her score.  It's that simple.  Don't know the dive number?  No problem, the app has a search feature that lets you search for a dive by name, or you can scroll down the list of all dives.  Want to see the results of a past meet?  Just select the prior meet and diver and see the results.  And you don't need to rely on Wi-Fi or phone company reception to see meet results.

Works on iPhone (3GS and later.  Requires iOS 4 or later), iPad, and iPod Touch (3rd generation and later) and Android equipped products (Android 2.2 and up).

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