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Diving competitions are fun to watch but unless you're equipped with a pencil, a dive list, a degree of difficulty table, and a calculator it's not easy to score and keep track of your favorite diver.  Bad cell reception and lack of Wi-Fi can be a problem when tracking your diver on-line.  iDive Score solves these problems.  Now you can keep track of a diver while sitting in the stands.  No need to worry about how to keep score or bad signal reception, just enter the information requested and the app does the rest.  Easy to use and perfect for divers, parents, family, friends and coaches.  All dive types, dive heights, and diving apparatus (springboard and platform) are available.  Works for multiple divers.  The total score for each diver is always visible.  With this app you can e-mail final results for each diver, review past meet results, and track a diver’s progress.  Separate sections to input diver information and scores keeps you organized.  A handy search feature locates dive types by dive number or description.
iDive Score
The Dive Scoring App

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